Flat Head End Mills

Flat head end mills, also known as square end mills, are the all-rounders of the industry, and tend to be used for general applications including slotting, profiling, and creating pockets. Flat heads cannot be used to contour rounded surfaces well.

Ball Nose End Mills

Ball nose end mills, sometimes simply referred to as ball end mills, are best placed for milling contoured surfaces and curved shapes, due to their rounded tip. These end mills leave a smooth and sleek finish behind.

Torus End Mills

Torus end mills are manufactured with a corner radius and used for high-speed milling, such as milling slots, pockets, and contouring. These end mills have a rounded square tip and a thin neck for precision contouring for dies and mold.

Keyway End Mills

Keyway end mills are specifically designed to leave a tight fit between the keyway slot they mill and the keystock. Keyway end mills must be incredibly precise to maintain effectivity when milling keyways.

Roughing End Mills

Roughing end mills, also known as hog end mills, are strong mills with plenty of teeth to quickly remove large amounts of materials. These end mills do not leave a well-polished finish, instead leaving a rough finish that will need smoothing off with a different end mill.

Roughing and Finishing End Mills

These hybrid end mills intend to remove large amounts of material while also leaving a smooth finish from a single pass. These are a mid-way model between standard Flat head end mills and roughing end mills.

Corner Rounding End Mills

Corner rounding end mills are, as the name probably suggests, used for rounding off edges and corners. These end mills have strengthened tips to reduce the likelihood of the endmill’s tip or edge chipping.

Drill End Mills

Drill end mills are the most recognizable to most of us, as they are reminiscent of a standard drill bit. These all-rounders can be used for a wide variety of different milling tasks, including spotting, countersinking, and chamfering.

Tapered End Mills

Tapered end mills are, simply put, used for milling tapered edges. Not unlike torus end mills, tapered end mills are commonly used in shaping dies and molds. Tapered end mills have precision tips for incredibly accurate milling.