Brochure showing our full range of stock tooling.

Included in the brochure are feed and speed rates for our CNC tooling.  These are arranged in categories to make finding the perfect tool easier.

The brochure allows you to see which tools we usually stock and the sizes available for next day delivery.

The brochure also shows tooling available in both Metric and Imperial sizing. 

You will notice that some of our tooling is made to order, for example some left handed tools, some right handed too.

The brochure also demonstrates the range of tools manufactured in PCD, TCT,  Solid Carbide and HSS. Detailing materials the tooling is best used for cutting and what application the tool may be used for.

Prima Tooling offer our bespoke tooling option and included are examples of bespoke tooling made. We can also make tooling listed in bespoke sizes.

Get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for, as we can make the tool to suit your needs.

We are aware that some like to have a hard copy of the brochure to review.

If this is the case, contact us to receive a hard copy, or for technical advice on the best tool for your application.

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