Videos from Prima Tooling showing some of our manufacturing techniques other interests and a selection of tools that we manufacture

Our tooling manufacturing our tooling

Wire erosion in action

Another large order for custom Tungsten Carbide tipped groover sets going through the factory.

Solid Carbide 3 flute Finisher

Harmony 5-Axis Endmills

Prima Toolings PCD End Mills by Stock77 Ltd

Manufacturing In Action

PCD Erosion in action

Harmony End Mills – Sutton Tools

Micro End Mills – Sutton Tools

Black Magic Tap – Sutton Tools

Stepped Drills – Sutton Tools

Drill and Tap – Sutton Tools

Edge Bander Relief Grinding

Prima Tooling Heat Shrink fit

Heat Shrink Machine

Solid Carbide Bespoke Tooling

Solid Carbide Tooling

Solid Carbide 3 Flute Compression