Carbide end mills are amongst the most durable and long-lasting available on the market today. Alongside polycrystalline diamond (PCD), tungsten carbide is the toughest material to craft end mills, drills bits, and tool tips.  Therefore, Carbide endmills provide a high-performance solution for all manner of tooling jobs, including slotting, finishing, roughing, and profiling.

Tungsten carbide out performs cobalt-steel alloys, commonly referred to as ‘high-speed steel’, when it comes to durability. With carbide end mills being suitable for both general purpose and application specific geometries.

Carbide endmills can perform multiple CNC engineering tooling tasks. Such as profiling, plunging, counter boring, slotting, contouring, and shouldering.

What Carbide End mill do I need?

Our milling cutters are available in many options, with a vast range of stock sizes. Amongst the myriad models we have available are multiple fluting options, such as the two-flute slot drill.  The cutter most often used for milling non-ferrous materials and assisting with swarf removal.

We also have three and four-flute carbide endmills.  For example chamfered, ball nose, straight end, and corner radius.

These milling cutters are more suited for milling steel or stainless steel due to the increased strength that comes with additional flutes. Alongside these options we are also able to supply a range of high-quality micro end mills, roughers, and even six and seven-fluted cutters.

Crafted to an impeccable standard and are incredibly durable, resilient, and heat resistant. With appropriate coatings to suit the application required. Carbide endmills are perfect for machine tooling hard materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, titanium, and super alloys.

Prima Tooling’s impressive range of milling cutters are available in two fantastic ranges. The Tecline Range and the Harmony Range.

Tecline end mills are suitable for standard milling and engineering tooling tasks. Including milling to slotting, profiling, contouring, and cutting. The Harmony Range, offer a more premium, high-performance range of milling cutters for a much higher metal removal rate.

Find out more information on the ranges and models of carbide end mills we have in stock. Check out our engineering Tooling catalogues, or get in touch with Prima Tooling today! Carbide end mills are a type of milling cutter. For more information on milling cutters, see our page!