Solid Carbide Router Tooling is suitable for cutting a range of materials such as MDF board,  soft and hardwoods and  laminated plywood.

Solid Carbide tools are used by many CNC Machining industries, such as, Van Panel Outfitters, Joiners, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom manufacturers.  The tools also excel on solid surface materials, such as Formica, Masonite, Synegite Board, Veneers and all types of Particle Board.

At slower CNC speeds, they also cut Aluminium or Aluminium coated foam products.  In conclusion a great all round spiral tool.

All of our Solid Carbide Router Tooling ranges are available as stock in two and three flute,  thus depending on the application and the speed and feed rates.  In addition, we manufacture a four flute and single flute bespoke tool.

Equally important, our Solid Carbide cutting tools are available in Downcut, Upcut, Ball Nose and Compression.

To clarify, Downcut tooling assists in holding work pieces in place when routing.  For example, where any movement may occur during the cutting action.
Upcut tooling assists the cut, by pulling chips up through the workpiece. Therefore,  preventing problems when plunging.

And finally, Compression Spirals have both up and down shear cut.  Thus providing a down shear cutting action on the top, and an up shear cutting action on the bottom of the board.  The best choice for edge trimming on double faced veneered boards, as a result these cutters ensure a good finish on both faces of laminated and solid timber boards.

Solid Carbide Tooling – Finishing

Solid Carbide 2 Flute Finishing Spiral

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Ball Nose Finishing Spiral Tooling

Ball Nose Finishing Spiral

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Solid Carbide – Roughing

Solid Carbide 3 Flute Roughing Spiral

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Compression Tooling

Solid Carbide 2 Flute Compression Spiral

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Solid Carbide Tooling – Chipbreaker

Solid Carbide 3 flute Chipbreaker Spiral

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