Solid Carbide Finishing Spiral Tools are a popular choice for most CNC routing applications and board types, when a smooth edge is required. The helical cutting edge reduces material contact. Prima Tooling’s Two flute finishing tools are suitable for cutting materials with no special considerations.

The Upcut finishing spiral directs the chips upwards and out whilst giving a smooth finish to the bottom edge.  The Downcut finishing tools offer a down shearing effect.

The Downcut Finishing spiral produces a clean top edge of dado or groove type cut. Also for a simple through-cut where the bottom edge cut quality is not important.  

Two Flute Solid Carbide Finishing Spirals are not suitable for plunging straight down, always ramp into the workpiece with down cut tooling to avoid tool breakage or fire.
Feed rates range from 5-10m/min with MAX speed of 24,000 RPM.

Why Use Solid Carbide Finishing Spirals

Firstly, because of the unique cutting tool properties.  Solid carbide spiral tools produce the best edge qualities of any cutting tool design available. Additionally, solid carbide router tooling produce great edge qualities at the fastest feed rates possible with any type of routing tools.
Three flute finishing Spiral tools are best when an extremely smooth edge cut is required, providing a better finish than a two flute tool at the same feed rate. Recommended for cutting natural woods and wood composites.
Ultimately, users experience a longer tool life with a three flute tool compared to a two flute tool. Three flute finishing Spiral tools can be used for plunging straight down.Feed rates range from 5-10m/min with MAX speed of 24,000 RPM We hold a range of Solid Carbide Finishing Spiral as stock, however, we are able to  manufacturer these tools to any specification.

Solid Carbide Finishing Router