Carbide drills manufactured from ultra-fine grain type tungsten carbide. One of the strongest materials in the world. Ideal for drilling, boring and machining hard materials and metals that ordinary drill bits cannot get through.

In fact, perfect for drilling wood with hidden nails, cast iron, non-ferrous heavy metals, and abrasive materials.

Tungsten carbide is a super strong metal alloy. Formed by combining carbon with tungsten, a heavy metal with the highest tensile strength. This combination produces a markedly durable alloy. Challenged only by polycrystalline diamond (PCD) in terms of strength. Perfect for crafting end mills, drill bits, and tool tips.

Because tungsten has the highest melting point of any heavy metal on earth, tungsten carbide is unbelievably heat resistant.

With this in mind, carbide drills operate efficiently under high temperatures.  Making them suitable for high-speed applications. Whilst tipped drill bits are preferred for shallow drilling, with full carbide drills for deeper drilling.

What drill do I need?

Carbide drills are available with or without coolant bores. Allowing coolant to be fed through to the drill bit during operation. Therefore reducing friction and increasing efficiency by lubricating the tool and work surfaces.

Facilitating easier operation and reducing heat build-up, preventing chips welding to the cutting edges. Most important, overheating will shorten the life of the drill.

Prima Tooling coated carbide drills are available in two variations. Either in Aluminium Chromium Nitride (AlCrN), a titanium-free coating used for broad applications.  Such as drilling steel, cast iron, and hard materials.

Or HELICA, an AlCrN-based coating more suitable for drilling stainless steel, non-ferrous materials, titanium, and super alloys.

Sutton Tools Black Magic XL Series carbide drills are particularly designed to reduce operation times. Demanding deep drilling whilst tackling the hardest materials, metals, and super alloys.

Internal coolant allows large material removal rate. Maintaining high cutting speeds whilst keeping temperatures down.  On the whole preventing overheating, and extending operating lifespan. Specifically designed flutes ensure fast short chip evacuations eliminate the risk of jamming.

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