Straight Router Cutters for many applications with a variety of options. For grooving, jointing, rebating and plunge cutting of solid wood, wood composites and laminates.

Manufactured with a high quality steel body and brazed tips, or as a Solid Carbide Router.  We have a tool that serves the purpose for all of our customers.

As standard PCD router cutters are available in both single and double flute, with or without a carbide plunge tip.

Used for cutting HPL and foil laminated/veneered panels and plywood Hard and exotic woods.  Plastics: Thermoplastics, duroplastics, Corian, Varicor and solid laminates.

Our Tungsten Carbide, TCT straight CNC routers are also manufactured in both single and double flute, with or without a plunge tip.

Used for cutting particle board and MDF panels, raw, melamine and paper laminated,

Finally, Solid Carbide Straight Router cutters for wood or plastics.





PCD double flute Router

Solid Carbide Double Flute Cutter

Solid Carbide Routers for wood

Our bespoke tooling enables us to manufacture straight router cutters to our customers exact dimensions. For example, a larger diameter of cut or a different shank diameter to suit their collet.We offer routers with bearings if required or alternatively in High Speed Steel or Densimet bodies for extra strength and vibration dampening.

With high wear resistance and serviceable for longer tool life and less machining down time.