Solid Carbide Ball Nose Finishing spirals have cutting geometry specifically designed to cut wood or plastics.

A carbide ball nose finishing tool rotates relative to the workpiece to make circular slots and cavities for contoured surfaces, grooving and pocketing, or for complex shapes without sharp corners.

Used for 3D modelling, carving, fluting, routing slots with rounded bottoms or rounded inside corners.

The helical cutting edge reduces material contact.

Prima Tooling’s Ball Nose finishers are available in two, three and four flute as well as right and left hand rotation.

We hold a range of two flute ball nose finishers as stock, however, as we are a manufacturer we are able to produce these tools to any specification.

For safety any work piece must be securely clamped to avoid movement and lifting when routing.

Recommended Feed rates range from 10-25M/min
with MAX speeds of 14,000-24,000 RPM

Why Use Solid Carbide Tooling

Because of some unique cutting tool properties.  Solid carbide spiral tools produce the best edge qualities of any cutting tool design available. Additionally solid carbide router tooling produce great edge qualities at the fastest feed rates possible with any type of routing tools.
We also have some wonderful carbide end mills!
Solid Carbide Ball Nose Finisher