A Comprehensive Guide to Solid Carbide Tooling in Woodworking: Improve Your Craft and Efficiency

As dedicated woodworking professionals, we continuously strive to enhance our skills, incorporate innovative techniques, and utilise cutting-edge equipment to improve the efficiency of our woodworking operations. A critical component of our trade, which significantly impacts the quality and precision of our work, is the choice of cutting tools we employ. Solid Carbide Tooling stands out

Cutting Tools

CNC Cutting Tools for Woodworking – Unleashing Creativity and Efficiency with Prima Tooling

The woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries are a harmonious fusion of creativity, craftsmanship, and efficient production. As a leading CNC cutting tools manufacturer, we are committed to providing the woodworking sector with innovative tooling solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also elevate the artistry of this age-old craft. In this guide, we explore the


Boosting Efficiency in Automotive Manufacturing with Prima Tooling’s CNC Cutting Tools

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic sectors worldwide, continually evolving in response to consumer demand, technological innovation, and the push for sustainability. As a precision-cutting tool manufacturer, we are dedicated to working alongside automotive manufacturers, providing them with the cutting-edge CNC tooling solutions they need to thrive in this rapidly changing landscape.


CNC Cutting Tools for Aerospace Manufacturing – Soaring to New Heights with Prima Tooling Solutions

The aerospace industry is a realm where technological innovation, precision engineering, and high-performance materials come together to create state-of-the-art aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft. Navigating this challenging industry demands exceptional attention to detail, stringent quality control, and a commitment to ever-evolving technological advancements. As a leading CNC cutting tools manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing the

Cutting-Edge CNC

Embracing Cutting-Edge CNC Machining for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has experienced incredible evolution, with modern vehicles incorporating advanced technologies and sophisticated components that demand precision and accuracy. As a result, the use of CNC machining in the production and manufacturing processes has become increasingly vital for meeting the stringent standards and growing demands of the sector. As a leading CNC cutting

CNC Drilling Tools

Unlocking the Potential of CNC Drilling Tools in Wood Manufacturing

Drilling forms a critical aspect in wood and composite wood manufacturing processes, and the success of these operations hinges on the quality of drilling tools employed. By utilising CNC drilling tools, manufacturers can unlock the full potential of their production capabilities, achieving remarkable accuracy, efficiency, and reliability across a wide range of applications and materials.

Types of End mills

Types of End mills

What are the different types of End Mills? we have listed a few… Flat Head EndMills Flat head end mills, also known as square end mills, are the all-rounders of the industry, and tend to be used for general applications including slotting, profiling, and creating pockets. Flat heads cannot be used to contour rounded surfaces

What is Super Alloy machining?

What is Super Alloy machining?

If you asked a room of engineers and machine operators what they thought of superalloys, you’d probably get a mixed bag of a response. Those who work in industries that use these incredibly durable, heat-resistant materials most likely hold a great appreciation for their unique, hardy properties. Those who have to cut and machine super

PCD Router Bit


PCD is Polycrystalline Diamond which is manufactured by sintering together carefully selected diamond particles. Initially formed at very high temperatures and pressure in the presence of a solvent/catalyst metal. The results are an extremely tough inter grown mass of randomly orientated diamond crystals.  Finally, these are bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate. This is why PCD,

PCD 4 flute Endmill

What Can PCD End Mills Be Used To Machine?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is an incredibly durable material used to tip end mills through a process of sintering – fusing tiny grains of PCD to the tool tip under great heat and pressure. This sintering process fuses these particles together with a tungsten carbide core, producing an insanely durable tip. PCD is one of the