What is Composite Tooling?

Composite tooling is the engineering and creation of tool tips and machining parts out of composite materials, for use in the manufacture of other machine parts of components. Traditional materials used for tooling, such as steel and aluminium, can wear down quickly and thus have a short tool life, while they also cannot measure up

CNC Machining in the Aerospace Industry: Precision Cutting Tools for Improving Efficiency

Manufacturing in the aerospace industry demands exceptional standards of precision, quality, and efficiency, all of which necessitate the use of advanced manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge tools. Among various manufacturing methods, CNC machining is a prevalent choice for aerospace manufacturers due to its capacity to produce intricate components with high precision, ensure repeatability, and maintain efficiency

Is Diamond (PCD) best for CNC Tooling Tips?

Diamond machining tools are unparalleled for strength and durability. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, which makes it an incredible tool for industrial CNC machining.  For cutting, machining and routing of wood, or composite materials. But several options are available for diamond tooling, so how can you know which offers the best

End Mills vs Drill Bits

End mills and drill bits can perform very similar tasks and, at times, their functions may look identical. But end mills and drill bits can also differ wildly in the types of machining they can carry out. The disparity between them in industrial use only widens when looking at domestic usage. Drills bits are quite

What is Carbide?

Carbides are fascinating compounds, revered across many industries for their strength, conductivity, and versatility.  Compounds are combinations of more than one element to produce a chemical compound that enjoys enhanced features when compared to its individual ingredients. Carbides are compounds formed with carbon as a main element, usually combined with a metal. There are a

The Benefits of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

What is PCD? Polycrystalline diamond is, as the name may suggest, a single diamond made up from many smaller diamond crystals! The process of forming PCD takes grit formed from tiny pieces of diamond and fuses it back together into a single form. As diamond is a super hard material, the forming of PCD tools

Types of Milling

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining is used to craft a huge range of products and parts, from many different materials. Milling is just one type of machining that can be performed by CNC, but milling is far from just one process! Have a look below at the many different types of milling that can be

Machining Specialist materials such as MMC’s

Composite materials have taken many industries by storm in the last few decades, as advanced composites created for specific purposes are replacing previously used materials. But composite materials have been used by human societies for millennia, dating back all the way to the use of straw and mud to form bricks in Ancient Egypt. In

What Are Milling Cutters?

If you work in the tooling industry, or in a role where you engage in industrial milling, you’ll know all about milling cutters. But for everybody else, there’s Prima Tooling’s expert blog to help! Milling cutters are the cornerstone of machine milling, and a vital part of any milling machine. As the name implies, the

Up-Cut vs Down-Cut: Which Direction Should I Use?

There are countless different choices and options for cutting tools available on the market today. A huge variety of factors must be considered in order for you to choose the perfect tooling solution for your application. What material you’re working on, such as whether it is metal, plastic, timber, or composite, the functionality of the