Prima Tooling designs and manufactures tooling for CNC machining, alongside the supply of milling tools from Sutton tools. With over four decades’ of experience for both companies in the industrial tooling and engineering industry, Prima Tooling is a UK industry leader in manufacturing router and spindle tools crafted in tungsten carbide or high-speed steel (HSS), and also tipped tooling in both polycrystalline diamond, and tungsten carbide.

Drilling Tools

At Prima Tooling we supply a huge range of all tools in a wide selection of different sizes and styles. From your standard through-hole drill bits, designed to cut a clean and crisp through hole in your desired material, to our specialist hinge boring or lip and spur (dowel) drill bits created to the perfect specification for your specific application, our drilling tools can tackle any drilling task!

Engineering Tools

If your design requires more detailing or finer shaping than simple drilling tools will allow, our wider range of engineering, wood and composite tools includes everything you need to take on any CNC tooling project. Whether you need high-quality threading taps to create pre-threaded screw holes or want to create the perfect groove with our incredible straight router cutters, no matter what your tooling task, Prima has you covered.

Reconditioning and Repair

Alongside our extensive ranges of engineering, wood and composite tools and cutters, we also provide excellent repair and resharpening services for our customers. Our PCD, HSS and carbide-tipped tools are eligible to be re-tipped for a like-new edge. Regrinding a HSS, carbide or PCD router tool for a longer life is far more efficient and cost-effective than replacing them every time they blunt! Reconditioning your tools will help boost their longevity, increase your production efficiency, and reduce your tool’s down time.

Drill Bits and End Mills

Drill bits and end mills perform similar, but not identical, functions in engineering tooling. Our selection of high-speed steel, carbide drill bits are suitable for all drilling tasks, such as boring, scoring, and drilling for hinges, plugs, and through-holes. Our extensive range of milling cutters, such as our PCD, and carbide end mills, are also suitable for a range of milling jobs like profiling, slotting, plunging, and counter boring.