Prima tooling have a proud 43 years in the tooling industry designing, producing, and supplying both bespoke and standardised CNC machine tools for all manner of industrial routing, cutting, milling, and drilling applications. After more than four decades in the industry, Prima’s expert team is fully equipped to advise on any tooling enquiries. We offer an excellent range of machining solutions for CNC tooling applications. Some of our high-quality tooling product lines include:

  • Carbide End Mills
  • Carbide Drills
  • PCD Compression Routers
  • Threading Taps
  • Drilling Tools
  • Spindle Tools

But Prima’s personality goes far beyond our love of the tooling industry! At Prima Tooling, we’re also committed to supporting charities, non-profit organisations, and positive social causes wherever we can. We believe in the principles of equality, compassion, and individualism should underpin our society and the social structures we create.

This is why Prima Tooling is proud to announce that we have signed up to support an incredible organisation, Speed of Sight, by joining their Inspire Club! Speed of Sight is a charity dedicated to providing life-changing driving experiences for people who cannot safely drive on public roads.

Speed of Sight offer their driving experiences to anyone who has been told they will never drive due to blindness or another sensory impairment, a physical or mental disability, or a physical injury. Their cars are fully equipped with all the necessary adjustments and safety features, including dual controls, so the instructor maintains full control, and hand pedals for drivers unable to use standard foot pedals.

Currently, Speed of Sight organises their experiences at one of their sister racetracks in Wigan, Teesside, and Llandow, but their list of tracks is set to grow. Most recently, Speed of Sight visited Cardenden Motocross Track in Scotland, and they’re soon set to visit a new track in Wales too!

Prima Tooling is thrilled to support this amazing charity organisation and to help them provide these life-changing experiences. If you’re looking for a new charity to support, or a good cause to get involved in, consider volunteering some of your time, or making a donation, to support this remarkable initiative! For more on Prima Tooling’s range of high-quality milling cutters, like our carbide end mills, check back next week for our newest blog post.