CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining is the method of using a computer to control a milling cutter which cuts, drills, and shapes materials for use in machinery or production. Here at Prima Tooling we produce precision cutting tools, endmills, and drill bits, for machining of a range of materials. Take a look below at the different materials our products can be used to cut, drill, and shape!

Wood Materials

Wood can be a tricky material to machine as it is prone to splintering and, depending on what type of tree you’ve sourced your timber from, the wood can display varying levels of hard/softness or ease of splintering. We stock a range of solutions for machining timber products, like our tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) Dowel Drills and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) router cutters, to minimise splintering and provide a gorgeous finish.

Composite Materials

Composite materials can be equally, if not even more tricky, than wood and timber materials! Composites are crafted from different materials combined together, such as wood and plastic particles blended to create wood plastic composite (WPC). Machining composites requires a sharp edge to create a smooth, splinter-free finish, which is what we achieve with our PCD ball nose end mills, which can machine composites cleanly with a perfect finish.

Metal Materials

Machining metals is difficult due to the pure hardness of the materials at play. Whether you’re machining steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, or even heat resistant alloys, you need to ensure the end mill or drill bit you’re working with is harder than the metal, or you’ll get nowhere! Our incredible range of solid carbide end mills and carbide drills are perfect for machining these hard metals.

Foam Materials

Being quite a soft material, foam requires an extra degree of care and precision when machining. In many cases, foam must be cut with absolute precision for it to fit in its intended place. Foam is also a very abrasive material, meaning it can wear down on tool bits and end mills very quickly! High speed steel (HSS) offers a clean, sharp finish on foam products, and helps prevent regular changing of tool bits.