At Prima Tooling, our extensive collections of carbide drills are crafted from the finest quality tungsten carbide of an ultra-fine grain type. Tungsten carbide is one of the strongest materials on the planet, capable of cutting virtually all other materials on Earth. This makes carbide drills perfect for drilling ultra-hard materials, ferrous and nonferrous metals, or any other materials that ordinary drills struggle to get through. Carbide drills are also ideal for drilling abrasive materials, cast iron, heavy metals, and wood or other materials with hidden nails, screws, or other metal debris inside.

Tungsten carbide is an ultra-strong alloy created by combining tungsten with carbon, along with a binding agent like cobalt. Pure carbon and pure tungsten have two of the highest melting points on the entire periodic table, and the resultant carbide also enjoys an incredibly high melting point, giving carbide tools a fantastic resistance to heat. This strength and heat resistance allows carbide drills to be used for high-speed applications under great heat and pressure. Only diamond coatings can challenge tungsten carbide for tensile strength and heat resistance in engineering tools and inserts.

If you’d like to push your carbide drill to its limit and get the most out of your tool, you’re in luck! Our carbide drill collections are available with optional coolant bores. Coolant bores facilitate the feeding of lubricant through the drill during operation to lubricate the tool and workpiece, which reduces friction, heat, and pressure, and results in greater efficiency and a longer runtime!

Our incredible ranges of carbide drills are coated in Aluminium Chromium Nitride (AlCrN) or HELICA. The pure AlCrN coating is best suited for drilling ferrous metals while the HELICA coating is better poised to tackle stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, and super alloys.

The Black Magic XL Series carbide drills, produced by Sutton Tools and supplied by Prima Tooling, are equipped with internal coolant, allowing them to drill the hardest materials and super alloys on earth while reducing operating times and increasing tool longevity.

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