Pre milling features are more common on smaller edge banders now, rather than just on higher production machines.

Pre milling encounters two counter rotating cutter blocks which are manufactured to mill the edge of the workpiece prior to adding the edge banding material.

The PCD cutter blocks are set up to mill a specific amount of the workpiece.  They remove any chips or imperfections following the saw or router cutting stage.  For instance, as tooling blunts on your panel saw or CNC router tooling the edge quality deteriorates.

Sometimes imperfections are left on the surface or within the substrate.  The Pre milling Tools or cutter heads are used to ensure that the edge is perfectly square.   With todays wide variety of materials, such as high gloss panels, this enables the panels to be machined with the minimal amount of glue joint visibility.

With the increasing demand for production quality, using two diamond cutter blocks to pre- mill the panel edge is a necessity. The chipping from the saw or the swollen edge is removed, as well as any badly adjusted scoring marks.  Resulting in a perfect surface for tape application.

Prima tooling manufactures Pre milling Tools to suit any edge banding machine. Our milling blocks can be manufactured to include any combination of PCD tips in a formation to suit the machinists needs.  Including custom width of cut and particular shear angles can be accommodated. So there is no need to purchase costly replacement spare parts from the jointing edge banding machine’s manufacturer.

We don’t just manufacture… keeping the pre milling blocks sharp and ‘true’ is therefore our aim with our quality servicing.