Prima Tooling’s fantastic range of high-quality PCD Slatwall Tooling (T-Slot) are custom designed for producing Slatwalls. We make every order bespoke to the specifications provided by the customer, meaning that you get the best possible fit! Slatwall is defined by its slats running the length of the panel, which adopt a T shape inside allowing items slid into place to be held firmly. This is why slatwall tooling is also known as a T slot cutter. T slot panels can be used in the home, the office, and for industrial applications.

In order to cut T slots accurately and efficiently, our PCD tooling comes equipped with two flutes on the large diameter (the top of the T) and a single flute on the neck for easy facilitation of swarf and chip ejection.

It is most common for slatwall to have a core of medium density fibreboard (MDF), which can wear down carbide tipped tools very quickly. We wouldn’t recommend re-sharpening slatwall tooling as this can change the size or shape of your tool, losing the accuracy of your cut. Instead, we can resize the tool back to its original dimensions. This will ensure that the accuracy and consistency of your cut will remain impeccable while maintaining the perfect size and shape for your tooling. When it comes to something like slatwall tooling, consistency is vital for a high-quality product!

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is the best material for slatwall tooling. While more expensive in the first instance, PCD comes with enhanced durability and longevity, which means it works out to be the cheaper option in the long term, saving your company money. PCD is one of the hardest materials on earth, meaning it will not wear down as quickly as other materials will. PCD is perfect for tooling composites like MDF.

We offer many different types of our bespoke PCD slatwall tooling and can accommodate for different sizes, shapes, and plastic or aluminium extrusion insert profiles. You can also select whether you would like straight, rounded edge, or chamfered edge slatwall tooling, plus the option of a tip on the neck!