What Materials Can CNC Tooling Be Used To Shape?

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining is the method of using a computer to control the cutting, drilling, and shaping of materials for use in machinery or production. Here at Prima Tooling we produce precision cutting tools, endmills, and drill bits, for machining of a range of materials. Take a look below at the different materials

High Speed Steel vs Carbide Endmills

Heat Resistance Industrial machining and tooling involves drilling, boring, and cutting hard materials until the desired shape is reached. This generates a massive amount of heat and pressure, all of which is endured entirely by your end mill! This makes overheating a serious issue that cannot be overlooked, as it can result in damage to

What is Composite Tooling?

Composite tooling is the engineering and creation of tool tips and machining parts out of composite materials, for use in the manufacture of other machine parts of components. Traditional materials used for tooling, such as steel and aluminium, can wear down quickly and thus have a short tool life, while they also cannot measure up

End Mills vs Drill Bits

End mills and drill bits can perform very similar tasks and, at times, their functions may look identical. But end mills and drill bits can also differ wildly in the types of machining they can carry out, and the disparity between them in industrial use only widens when looking at domestic usage. Drills bits are

What You Might Need To Create Composite Products

Composite materials have taken many industries by storm in the last few decades, as advanced composites created for specific purposes are replacing previously used materials. But composite materials have been used by human societies for millennia, dating back all the way to the use of straw and mud to form bricks in Ancient Egypt. In

What is CNC Tooling?

Human societies have come a long way since the first metalworking lathe was invented just over 200 years ago, and our technology has progressed at an endlessly accelerating rate! Our modern technology requires sophisticated parts and tools, sometimes incredibly tiny or complex, that are created perfectly identically every time. This is where CNC comes in!