Guide to joining bits, understanding how and why joining bits are used can help you feel confident that you are selecting the best CNC Router Cutter from our extensive selection, whether you’re searching for flair or simplicity.

In order to consistently produce sturdy, snug joints, joining bits are a subclass of router bits used for joining.

The best joining parts will provide you with the cleanest professional finish and the strongest construction, whether you’re making a set of drawers, a cabinet or a door.

How They Operate

One of the most adaptable portable power tools, a router can shape decorative edges, trim laminates and veneers, and cut a variety of woodworking connections. It uses joining bits.

Choosing a connecting bit will reveal that they frequently different shank varieties. In order to increase stability and reduce chatter, we advise using larger size shanks.  Although this isn’t the only factor that will influence the outcome, using high-quality joining bits will result in a smoother finish that will last for years.

There are several joining bits available; let’s look at four of the more popular ones.

Finger Joints

These result in a very strong bond because of the expanded glue line and larger connecting surface area, as you could expect.
To extend a piece of wood, finger joint bits are frequently used to join two pieces together. This connection is ideal for the construction of doors and flooring, both of which require to hold strongly. With the five finger slot cutters that are included with our finger joint bits and are detachable, a variety of joint thicknesses are possible.

Fit for: Floorboards, construction of doors and Wood lengthening

Tongue and Groove Joints

Tongue and groove joint parts have a recognisable, professional finish. Each component has a side with a receiving groove and a protruding tongue that fit together.
The good news? It only needs one bit. To create matching joints, simply flip the second piece of wood, and done! a powerful, seamless finish.

Fit for: Floorboards, Wall coverings, Edging, Cabinet supports

Bits for Drawer joints

For rapid connection, drawer joint pieces are very simple to use. They enhance the strength and simplicity of assembly of 90-degree angle joints, speeding up alignment.
With the ability to create plain or rebated drawers, this greatly simplifies the construction of drawer frames.

Fit for: Drawers, naturally

Wavy Joint Bit

When it comes to creating wavy joining grooves in your material, the wavy joint bit is unbeatable.

In addition to providing greater adhesive surface area and a stronger, tighter bond, it also has a pleasing visual effect.

Fit for: When you don’t want to damage stock, Solid-surface components

Why our CNC Tooling?
Depending on your project and desired finish, you should choose the appropriate type of router joining bit. However, the outcome will be strongly influenced by the quality of the bit you select.
Our entire line of joining bits has a brazed carbide tip, which keeps them sharper for longer.

In order to avoid having to purchase a brand-new set of joining bits more frequently, it is worth investing in a product that will last longer and be of higher quality and that you can sharpen repeatedly.

Almost invariably, making an initial higher-quality investment will result in financial savings down the road. Because of this, we place a high importance on innovation, design, and providing the best value for a premium product.

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