Solid Carbide Compression Tooling

Solid Carbide Compression Router Tooling is the ultimate tool for CNC machining.  Specifically it is used when cutting double sided laminates such as melamine, vinyl, high pressure laminates, veneered and painted boards.
Prima Tooling’s Compression tooling can also be used on natural woods and wood composite where the edge finish is a problem when using standard spiral tools.

The design of the tool incorporates both up and down cut spiral flutes; to compress the material being cut, preventing edge chipping on both the top and bottom surfaces. Compression tooling eliminates the need for costly secondary sanding operations.

With a range of stock sizes in Single, Two and Three flute available in right hand rotation.

Why Use Solid Carbide Tooling

Because of some unique cutting tool properties.  Carbide spiral tools produce the best edge qualities of any cutting tool design available. Additionally solid carbide router tooling produce great edge qualities at the fastest feed rates possible with any type of routing tools.

Solid Carbide Compression Tooling comes in single flute, two flute and 3 flutes as standard

Single flute – Allows for Feed rates up to 11m/min  MAX RPM 24,000

Two flute – Allows for Feed rates up to 18m/min MAX RPM 24,000

Three flute – Allows for Feed rates up to 25m/min MAX RPM 24,000

Solid Carbide Compression Router