Tool Tray

Tool Tray offers the ultimate modular system for organising, storing, and transporting your cutting and drilling tools. But that’s not all!

The Tool Tray is also suitable for use in cleaning and coating your tools. Let’s take a look at some of the Tool Tray’s incredible features in more detail:

Sturdy and Safe Storage

The Tool Tray offers the perfect tool storage solution. Crafted from impact resistant Polyamide (PA6), it  offers complete protection from potential damage to your tools due to bumps or scrapes. PA6 is one of the most popular thermoplastics used in engineering across many industries and is extensively used as a replacement for metal due to its high strength, heat resistance, and electrical insulation properties. Heat resistant up to 120oC, solvent resistant, and designed to ensure complete protection against impact damage.

Fully Modular for 100% Customisation

The Tool Tray is a fully customisable, completely modular system, allowing you to personalise your Tray to match your exact needs! Our Tool Tray frame and inserts are sold separately, so you don’t have to pay for inserts you won’t use. Our colour coded, interchangeable inserts range in diameters from 6mm to 25mm, and inserts are reversible to swap between a 25mm and 40mm depth.

Suitable for Use in Cleaning and Coating

Making cleaning and coating of tools much quicker, easier, and more convenient! Suitable for use in immersion baths, meaning you can keep your tools conveniently organised while you conduct your cleaning or coating. Due to the electrical insulation properties of PA6, it won’t interfere with your coating process.

Offering the ultimate customisable modular tool storage and transportation system, giving you a convenient case to store, transport, clean, and coat your tools while keeping them neatly organised and sorted. The Tool Tray is even stackable when not in use, so multiple Tool Tray’s won’t clutter up your workspace!

L 300mm x W 185mm x H 57mm



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