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Prima Tooling produce high quality woodcomposite wood tooling.

As a manufacturer and distributor of Diamond and Carbide CNC router tooling and bespoke cutting tools for wood & composites woods we are always on hand to provide the best solution for the job.

Our wood & composite wood tooling provide firstly higher operating speeds. Secondly significantly longer life, and more importantly efficient long-term value for money.

The work piece finish, tool life, spindle temperature, horsepower consumption and feed rates are all factors directly linked to tool balance.  Consequently all of our tools are precision balanced.

Manufactured using only the finest grades of British Steel for our wood & composite wood tooling. In addition we use high tolerance grinding for a quality cutting performance.   

Similarly, the different grades of Carbide, and superior grade of PCD that we use for our tips demonstrate tool life beyond that of competitors.

We also ensure that our cutters are specially relieved for clearance, therefore, all of our tools are designed to give the highest safety and greatest performance.

In addition to our stock range of  woodworking tools, a large part of our business is the design and manufacture of bespoke tooling to our customer specifications.

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Profile Routers

Spindle Tooling

Radius Hoggers

Loose and solid Counter sinks & Counter Bores

TCT & HSS Groovers

TCT Profile Routers

Saw Blades in both TCT & PCD