Tool reconditioning and repair

We offer a sharpening and repair service on all cutting tools.

We recognise that the re-grinding of a tool is more effective.

A tool serviced regularly will:

  • Reduce the need for costly repairs to the tool 
  • Extended production runs between sharpens
  • Reduced down time
  • Improved surface quality of your work piece
  • Reduced material wastage

We ensure that each tool is sharpened on the same machine as when it was manufactured from new, and to the same specifications.  This offers consistency in enabling Prima Tooling to monitor the tool throughout its lifetime.

So that we are able to offer a complete package, we also include other services as standard such as - Dynamic Tool Balancing, Laser Etching, Shrink Fit &  Tool coating if required.

This is so that we can offer the exceptional services our customer needs... 

Defining the Detail...

Bespoke Tooling

We offer exceptional services with a focus on quality and durability by our experienced management team, and highly skilled engineers

providing a solution for all Precision Machining.

This is because we have state- of -the art equipment,  the expertise of a dedicated team and continued investment in new and developing technologies.

Our bespoke tooling is highly exceptional, and because of this we continue to research developments in the tooling market, for example in Composites and Metals. 

With the recognition and results that we achieve, we continue to be at the forefront of future developments.

It is because of this, we are able to take design outlines, samples and images and turn them into real solutions.

With our quality production, and an understanding of our products in the real world, our success continues in many arenas.

pcd tool on vollmer machine