What is PCD?

PCD is polycrystalline diamond manufactured by sintering together carefully selected diamond particles. This is done at a very high temperature and pressure in the presence of a solvent/catalyst metal. The result, an extremely tough inter grown mass of randomly orientated diamond crystals, bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate. This is why PCD, therefore, can be regarded

Prima Tooling PCD End Mills

Prima Tooling’s PCD End Mills are one of the most productive tools on the market today. Available in both Ball nose and straight they are designed for use on all non-ferrous Materials. Our brochure shows our full range of stock sizes in both End Mill and Ball Nose End Mill  

Prima Tooling Brochure

Prima Tooling Brochure showing our full range of  standard tooling. Allowing our customers to see which tools we usually stock and the sizes.  Some of our tooling is made to order for example some Left handed tools. The brochure also demonstrates the range of tools manufactured in PCD, TCT and HSS. Prima Tooling also offer


Tool reconditioning and repair We offer a sharpening and repair service on all cutting tools. We recognise that the re-grinding of a tool is more effective. A tool serviced regularly will: Reduce the need for costly repairs to the tool  Extended production runs between sharpens Reduced down time Improved surface quality of your work piece Reduced material


Our Engineering tools are manufactured by both Prima Tooling and Sutton Tools. We produce high quality and performance Solid Carbide Milling tools for all applications. Bespoke tools are designed and manufactured, using our experience and the latest technology to perfect the design and performance. Once designed, our tools are ground on CNC automatic grinding machines.