Slatwall Tooling available in both PCD and Tungsten Carbide tipped.

Prima Tooling's Slatwall or T-Slot tooling is manufactured to accommodate Aluminum or plastic extrusion  insert profile, resulting in the best fit possible.

Slatwall Tooling is specifically designed for cutting T-Slots in particle board, HDF raw or coated.

These tools are used in the manufacturing of slotted wall panels for display or shop fitting purposes.

Most Slatwall is an MDF core and therefore, a carbide tipped bit will wear out very quickly, a PCD is recommended for Slatwall machining. While initially more expensive, it will be considerably lower cost in the long run.

Usually T-slots are not re-sharpened because they lose dimension accuracy once sharpened.

However, we resize the tool to its original dimension.  Achieved by moving the tips, maintaining the diameter of the tool, thus, keeping the production of the wall panel consistent.



We manufacture many styles of this tool, used by Slat wall companies over the globe.  Including straight, chamfered edge and rounded edge, for example.  Finally, the option of a single tip on the neck of the tool is available.

A sample of the cut, insert or a CAD drawing is required  to enable the manufacture of these tools accurately. Once the tool is designed, a CAD drawing is sent to our customer for agreement before the manufacturing process begins.

Once again... Defining the Detail...