What is PCD?...

PCD is polycrystalline diamond, manufactured by sintering together carefully selected diamond particles.

This is done at a very high temperature and pressure in the presence of a solvent/catalyst metal.

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What is PCD?

Meet the new member of the team

Our new Fanuc Robocut 4 axis wire EDM, installed and cutting PCD disks into standard sizes and custom profile pieces for our PCD tipped cutting tools. Much quicker than our old Agie machines and extra capacity for other types of work.

New Fanuc machine for cutting PCD and TCT

Growing from Strength to Strength - Composites in Manufacturing April 2018

Prima Tooling specialises in the design and production of tooling.

Offering an efficient tool re-sharpening, repair and re-manufacture service to its customers, Composites in Manufacturing hears how it continues to go from strength to strength...

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Prima Tooling goes from Strength to Strength

Tooling Manufacturer Develops New Products & Growth With Vollmer - Pulse PR

When Prima Tooling recognized the exponentially increasing demand for PCD tooling,

the company invested heavily in Vollmer machine tools to support cutting tool production. However, the Essex based cutting tool manufacturer that opened its doors for business in 1979, first noted the demand for PCD tooling back in 1985...

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Tooling Manufacturer Develops New Products & Growth With Vollmer

Experienced, technically-astute approach by Prima Tooling - FJP May 2016

Essex-based Prima Tooling has specialised in the manufacture of quality tooling for the woodworking industry since 1979 and was set up
by experienced partners with a clear maxim: to advise, design and manufacture a premium quality range of woodworking machinery tools in
carbide, high speed steel and polycrystalline diamond. John Legg visited to find out more.

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Solid spiral on grinding machine

Relief grinding a PCD tipped profile tool

on one of our Vollmer QXD machines, all 6 axis working together on this job, love it... We can sharpen and manufacture all types of PCD and Tungsten Carbide tooling...

Prima Tooling continue to invest and develop new services

Our Shrink fit machine is installed and ready to add another area of work to our current tool servicing.

News articles, features and reviews of Prima Tooling Ltd's new products including editorials and images

Tooling Manufacturer grows with Vollmer - FJP Oct 2013

Prima Tooling had seen the growing demand for PCD tooling from back in the 1980s

- but erosion technology took time to catch up. In 1997 Prima bought its first Vollmer erosion centre, improving Prima's capability almost overnight.

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Tooling manufacturer grows with Vollmer

Prima Tooling benefits from NaxoForce grinding wheels

Prima Tooling specialises in the design and production of tooling, primarily for the aerospace, automotive and woodworking industries.  It also offers an efficient tool re-sharpening, repair and re-manufacture service to its customers.

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tooling service

Haimer in action...

Balancing of engineered flanges for one of our customers...