The difference was that the Harmony 5-Axis endmill is able to achieve a 4mm step over, compared to a 0.3mm step over with the ball nose. It took just under 2 minutes, compared to 10 minutes with the ball nose. Giving them a full work-out we set them up finishing a tapered wall similar to that of the internal cavity of a deep pocket mould.

And it’s not only this level of performance & time saving that’s a benefit, but also the precision of the tool’s profile. With less 10µm profile deviation, this offers very high workpiece accuracy, making it ideal for finishing operations of high-tech 3D printed components in the additive manufacturing space of aerospace & medical industries.

Also, for the subtractive manufacturing industries, like Mold & Die, the finish copy-milling operation has a huge benefit on cycle time over traditional ball-nose endmill options.

But there’s more! - During Haas Melbourne Performance Week, many of the manufacturing executives and engineers who saw these results were certainly impressed – and it started many conversations about the possibility of customising these endmills for specific applications, a service we are happy to offer.

However, several also remarked that the Harmony 5-Axis endmills, significantly reduced the machines movements. This in turn reduces wear and tear, and hence maintenance costs of the machine. So, the cost benefits of the range come not only from shorter cycle times, but potentially a reduction in the machine’s overhead.

If you’d like to know more about our Harmony 5-Axis endmill series, click on the image for a video of the endmill in action, download our brochure, or talk to us today



Available in:
Flat Head End Mill with solid carbide body and tips in PCD for high speed milling of pockets, slots,
contouring etc.. of aluminium, non ferrous alloys, presintered materials and plastic composite materials

Torus End Mill with corner radius and solid carbide body and tips in PCD for high speed milling of pockets, slots,
contouring etc.. of aluminium, non ferrous alloys, presintered materials and plastic composite materials

Ball Nose End Mill with solid carbide body and tips in PCD for high speed 3D machining of aluminium,
non ferrous alloys, presintered materials and plastic composite materials

Standard diameters from 3mm to 20mm, specials available on request

What are the benefits?
Using the shrink fit tool holder will create a positive impact as you will achieve high precision, increase the lifespan of your tool and spindle, reduce the tool change time, and lower the cost of tool maintenance.   The concentricity of the shrink fit tool is outstanding, with this high concentricity, the tool cutter and holder function like a single piece.

Balance – with the absence of moving parts, shrink fit holders offer the best balance repeatability of all tool holding systems available. Shrink fit holders come with the highest accuracy and balance standards, providing higher feed rates, speeds, balanced chip loads, and better finishes.

Rigidity – The cutting tool has 360 degrees grip on multiple planes around the shank. Resulting in an extremely high gripping torque which prevents any irregular movement of the router tool, resulting in the reduction of scrapped pieces.

Tool life Extension – Shrink fit tooling technology extends tool life by over 100%. Prima Tooling router tools already have a long tool life; so with the  gripping force, and balance to help increase productivity together with our tooling the tool life is extended to an even wider margin.

Shrink fit tooling makes it easier to change router tools at a very fast pace, reducing tool changing time and increasing productivity.

Makes sense doesn’t it…?

PCD tipped Stile & Rail cabinet door cutter set

Seeing these tools brought back some memories, our customer has sent them in for sharpening but Prima Tooling made these adjustable PCD tipped Stile & Rail cabinet door cutter sets 26 years ago.
Way back before we had CNC lathes and milling machines these were made on manual machines apart from CNC wire EDM to cut and profile the PCD tips.
We’ve moved on significantly since then!

Another happy customer

Our customer was so pleased with our bespoke tool, they wanted to share the work in progress and the finished kitchen project... fantastic!

Surprisingly foam is an abrasive material, which has an impact on tooling as the tool rubs against the foam rather than cutting it. Regular tool changes when cutting foam means that the cost of HSS tooling is also a benefit.

We looked at how we can produce a high quality foam cutting tool in the UK for the UK; in sizes that can be manufactured as a standard size range in mm as well as a bespoke range.

What was the solution-
We took an imperial tool and using our computer controlled simulator, adjusted the sizing to show that we could manufacture our HSS 4 flute solid spiral tool from as small as 6mm diameter right up to 25mm diameter.

HSS Solid Spiral for cutting foam

HSS 4 flute Spiral for cutting foam

One of our current users said ‘we really love the cleaner finish that the HSS 4 flutes gives us, our machines don’t have to be run as fast to achieve optimum results and the fact that the HSS tools are a better price is an added benefit as we change our tooling often’ Mike Birch, Protechnic Ltd

This means that our HSS 4 flute tool; not only creates a great finish with its up shear spiral but is available in the UK, is serviceable by Prima Tooling Ltd and at a competitive price.



We can all do our ‘bit’ to help rebuild our economy, Prima Tooling will be reviewing their prices… rather than increasing prices to try to recoup any losses, we will be looking at where we can offer reductions to customers so that they can support UK manufacturing.
We will all need to play our part to ensure businesses survive, and that skilled workers are not lost, and that UK manufacturing continues to grow’

So we thought why not put our money where our mouth is… and proudly joined Made In Britain