Working in Partnership...

Solid Carbide Milling tools are  manufactured by both  Prima Tooling Ltd and ZCC-CT.
We produce high quality and high performance cutting tools for all of the latest applications.
Bespoke tools can be designed and manufactured quickly, using our many years of experience and the latest technology to perfect the design and performance.
Once designed, our tools are  then ground on our latest CNC automatic grinding machines.  After that they are  inspected for dimensional accuracy and form on our CNC optical measuring machine.

Our in-house grinding and manufacturing facilities allow us to modify any standard tools.  In other words any tooling available from the range of  ZCC -CT.
 As well as manufacturing our own bespoke tooling using our 3D modelling and simulation software.
We can modify a standard solid carbide off  the shelf tool.  For example by adding or increasing corner radii size, corner chamfer or increasing neck length to obtain a greater reach.
Modifying a standard tool where possible reduces lead time, allowing us to get the tool to our customer as soon as possible.

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Everything In Their Hands

ZCC Cutting Tools is the largest Chinese manufacturer of cutting tools and has been in operation since 1952.
In 2003, they started their sales activities in the European market as ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH with its sales subsidiary and warehouse in Düsseldorf.
An important feature of ZCC Cutting Tools Europe is that it is part of a major Chinese business organisation called The Minmetal Group.
Minmetal owns numerous mines from which its extracts, processes and then controls the production of the Tungsten carbide ore’s that makes carbide cutting tools.
Over 80% of the worlds resource of Tungsten carbide ores are to be found in China, the majority of which are owned by Minmetal.
The Minmetals Group is the tenth-largest company in China with over 200,000 employees.
Their numerous mines and processing facilities ensures reliable and guaranteed supply of one of the most important raw materials used in the production of cutting tools.
The raw material is then processed into powders, rod and blanks and carbide inserts by another subsidiary in the group called Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide (ZCC).
These processed blanks are then finally converted into a vast range of cutting tools by ZCC Cutting Tools.
So within the group everything comes from a single source (All in one hand) and covers the complete value added supply chain from the raw material resources and extraction, to the high performance cutting tools.
Using the latest production technologies, ZCC-CT produces high quality and high performance cutting tools.
The extensive product range includes carbide indexable inserts (coated and uncoated)and  indexable inserts made from cermet.
As well as CBN, PCD,ceramics and solid carbide tools we also supply tool holders and milling bodies.
ZCC-CT is a long-term and reliable partner in the global metal cutting industry.
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ZCC-CT Solid carbide tools for Graphite
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Ceramic Tooling
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