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Working in Partnership...

Engineering tools are manufactured by both Prima Tooling and Sutton Tools.

We Manufacture and distribute high performance Solid Carbide Milling tools for all applications.

Our experienced team and the latest technology perfect the tooling design and performance.  



3D modelling and simulation software assists in our manufacturing of our bespoke tooling.

Once designed, our tools are ground on CNC automatic grinding machines

This facility allow us to also modify any Solid Carbide Milling tools, such as those from Sutton Tools.

For example by increasing corner radii size, corner chamfer or increasing neck length to obtain a greater reach.

Modifying a standard tool where possible reduces lead time.

Finally, we inspect them for dimensional accuracy and form on our CNC optical measuring machine.

Sutton Tools

Alongside our own designed and manufactured bespoke tooling, being able to supply Sutton Tools to our customers means we are able to cover all areas of Engineering applications.


Sutton Tools began as a family enterprise in 1917, manufacturing threads and gauges.  Over time it has expanded its expertise into a broader portfolio including Solid Carbide Milling tools.

Today, Sutton Tools remains an Australian family business that is renowned for its high-quality power tool accessories and cutting tools.  Both for the hardware market and a wide range of specialised industrial applications.

Constantly pushing material performance boundaries is the development of so-called ‘super alloys’.
The tougher these materials become, the tougher the tools need to be to work the new generation of alloys


The structure of controls and checks throughout the manufacturing process, are backed by documented procedures.  These ensure they continually manufacture products that will exceed customer expectations.

Today’s metal working industry faces the relentless challenges of producing product faster, better and cheaper than before.

Such challenges require innovative technology to world standards.

Sutton Tools meets this challenge, through its commitment to research and development.

Production conditions are simulated to optimise tool design, and benchmark tool performance to exceed market standards.

Sutton Tools Engineering Department measuring and design equipment is state of the art, critical in the continual development of machine tools.