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Prima Tooling's PCD End Mills are most importantly one of the most productive tools on the market today.
Outperforming Tungsten Carbide tools by up to 50 times, they hold their edge, and as a result lead for long tool life.
Our End Mills are manufactured completely by us.  With a solid Tungsten Carbide body to ensure strength and rigidity, and using only the highest quality tested PCD tips.
Moreover, our End Mills can be re tipped ensuring a longer life for existing tooling and value for money in the Carbon Fibre Composite market.
Prima Tooling PCD END MILL Brochure
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Prima Tooling PCD End Mill Brochure
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PCD End mills in both Ball nose and straight are designed for use on all non-ferrous Materials such as
Graphite, Metal Matrix Composites
Carbon Fibre, Aluminium
Brass, Bronze
Carbon, Copper
Green Ceramics, Green Carbide
Gold, Magnesium
Plastics, Silver and Zinc.
ZCC_CT Composite tooling brochure
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solid-carbide-composite-tools online catalogue from ZCC-CT showing the full range of stock products for distribution by Prima Tooling Ltd
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In addition to our own tools, we are excited to be able to offer a full range of composite cutters from ZCC Cutting Tools Europe therefore offering a complete package.
Carbon fiber composites are now being extensively used in many industries.
Offering extreme stiffness and high tensile strength together with significantly lower weights.   In other words great advantages for component parts in many industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, power generation for example.
The material is highly conductive both electrically and thermally whilst at the same time the thermal strain is nearly zero.
The mechanical characteristics of the composite materials put high demands on the cutting tools.  Therefore ZCC Cutting Tools have developed special ranges of milling and drilling tools for CFRP and GRP which enable efficient and economic machining of these materials.
With a range of Tools from 5 - 12 flute Router with M- cut in Drill bit top or flat cut, and a range of Diamond Coatings available.