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What is PCD

PCD is polycrystalline diamond, manufactured by sintering together carefully selected diamond particles at a very high temperature and pressure in the presence of a solvent/catalyst metal.


The result is an extremely tough inter grown mass of randomly orientated diamond crystals bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate. PCD, therefore, can be regarded as a composite material which combines the hardness, abrasion resistance and high thermal conductivity of diamond with the toughness of tungsten carbide.


Correctly applied, PCD tooling replaces existing cutting tool materials such as HSS or tungsten carbide. Tool costs per component are reduced through extended tool life and minimal downtime.

PCD tooling has also many other applications in the engineering sector and can be used on a variety of materials such as:


  Aluminium and its alloys
  Copper and its alloys
  Precious steels
  Graphites and graphite composites
  Green ceramics and carbides
  Composite materials
  Carbon Fibre


By using the correct grade of PCD, an excellent surface finish and abrasion resistance can be acheived on otherwise difficult to machine materials.


1 2

1, De Beers SYNDITE CTC002.     2, Comparison of tool life for different materials when edge milling MDF


Prima uses only SYNDITE PCD, from Element 6. After leaving the sintering press the SYNDITE round blanks (or discs) are diamond ground to the required finishes and these discs can be further cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, for use on multi-tipped rotary tools, such as routers and circular saws.


SYNDITE is the only PCD tool material manufactured in discs of up to 74 mm maximum diameter, which makes it ideal for those tools which require a long, continuous cutting edge.


SYNDITE is available in 3 standard grades - 002, 010 and 025 (equivalent to 2, 10 and 25 microns average diamond grain size).


We supply a complete range of PCD woodworking tools to cater for every kind of application. Whatever the material and whatever you want to do with it we can provide a PCD tool to do it for you.


Hogging units, scoring blades, groovers, adjustable cutters, profile cutters, trimming blades, saw blades, straight and profile routers. The list is endless.


In the majority of cases, we manufacture to customers specified orders. All we need to know is what the tool is intended to produce and its operating conditions.


We manufacture certain types of standard off the shelf items but we mainly produce special tools because the requirements of each customer are very different from another.


In this way, we can guarantee that the tools you receive are ideal for your own particular circumstances, and that the performance you obtain cannot be bettered.


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