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Description: PCD RC 1/2 X 1/2 X 1in L/C S/F DISPOSABLE
Cutter type: PCD
Features: Serviceable PCD for Chipboard Disposable PCD for MDF - single tip with plunge facility


Polycrystalline Diamond tipped tools give a significant increase in tool life compared to Tungsten Carbide tooling.




Jointing, grooving, copying and rebating on CNC routers for particle board and MDF panels, raw, melamine and paper laminated,

HPL and foil laminated/veneered panels and plywood Hard and exotic woods.

Plastics: Thermoplastics, duroplastics, Corian, Varicor and solid laminates.


  • PCD also gives an accuracy of cut throughout the tool life and faster feed rates as well as reduced downtime.
  • Single tip prevents edge lines on MDF.
  • High wear resistance
  • Can be re-sharpened up to 2 times depending on edge wear.  
  • Longer tool life and therefore reduced downtime
  • Right or Left hand cutting rotation available
  • Plunge cut facility (using Z and X axis)
  • Low purchase price



Cutting rotation: Right Hand
Cutting Diameter:  1/2inch
Cutting Length:  1inch
Shank / Bore Diameter:  1/2inch
Shank / Bore Length:  40mm
Overall Length: 68mm
Effective cutting edges Z = : 1
Maximum RPM: 24000
Maximum Feed meters/min: 3
Feed type: Mechanical - CNC

Please note that maximum feed rates quoted are for guidance purposes only and will vary according to material being cut, depth of cut, workpiece clamping arrangements, rigidity and power rating of routing machine.

Feed rates may need to be increased or decreased with a reduction in cutter RPM to achieve a satisfactory finish.


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