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Prima Tooling specialize in manufacturing profile router tooling for use on CNC machinery.


We able to produce virtually any profile in PCD for just one router cutter, or as many as the customer requires. We can work from a simple drawing of the shape, CAD drawing or just post a small sample of the material to us.


Diamond, being the hardest material known to man, requires special techniques to manufacture tools to the precise tolerances required. Speed and accuracy are the two main factors involved in tool manufacture.


Speed to ensure that the customer not only gets his tools as quickly as possible after placing his order, but also to enable tool maintenance and servicing times to be kept to an absolute minimum.


Accuracy to ensure that the tool performs the job for which it was intended. This applies to anything form a multi-toothed saw blade to an intricately shaped router. Either way, the PCD must be brazed solidly onto the tool blank and then machined to accuracies in the micron range.


At Prima, we have the most up-to-date machines to ensure these twin objectives are met. Two types of machine work on the principle of electro-erosion since the PCD and its tungsten carbide substrate are both electrically conductive.


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Milling machines produce our standard range of tooling in large quantities with guaranteed and repeatable accuracy. 


Wire spark erosion used in conjunction with a sophisticated CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) system is used mostly to produce tools with profiled edges, including the most complicated of shapes. Full use is made of the 74mm diameter SYNDITE blanks, to ensure that a continuous PCD cutting edge is achieved wherever possible and waste material is kept to a minimum.


Electro discharge grinding, on the other hand, is used mainly for the fast removal of large amounts of stock. These include tools such as saw blades and cutter blocks, where it is important to achieve the same geometry on each segment. Also, our state of the art VOLLMER QM machine is used continuously  for helical grinding on new and service tooling.


The final stage is the dynamic balancing of each tool to ensure quality of cut and noise reduction, in addition to prolonging the life of spindle bearings in the machines.


The use of these modern manufacturing methods, coupled with Prima Tooling's lengthy experience in tool manufacture, ensures that you, the customer, are provided with high quality tooling in the fastest possible time.


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